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Meeting in Décines

Par Philippe Jeanjacquot Dernière modification 23/01/2014 15:31


Par Philippe Jeanjacquot Dernière modification 11/06/2014 17:06

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Flashmob in Lyon

How to involve arts and sports in a CITY project: the best way is to create with the students a dance performance: a flashmob. The flashmob was preparer during a special session and rehearsal the first day. During the activities in the city, the Flashmob was perform in 4 different places of the city. And the last day, the flashmob was perform in the courtyard of the school during the morning break.

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Workshop Smartbuildings in the CITIES

This workshop is about the insolation of the building, what is the best insolation, how to measure it

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Use the smartphones sensors in the CITIES

How to use the smartphones sensors in the public transportation. Example of measuring the acceleration in a cable train

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Poster how is your CITY

In this workshops the students design and made their own poster about their city. The posters were displayed during the last evening .

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