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How to Build a Kepler's telescope

by Philippe Jeanjacquot last modified Jul 16, 2012 04:04 PM
This workshop was made for the comenius TIME meeting in Rome. It was called how to build a TIME MACHINE

When you watch the stars you see their images from the past. It is linked with the speed of light. The distances are so great that the light can take years, centuries or more to travel from the stars to us. It is why the telescope can see the past and we can call it a TIME MACHINE




The proposed telescope has a lens with a focal length f1 = 360 mm and an eyepiece of focal length f 2 = 30mm. The telescope magnifies 12 times.


What do you need:

A lens


An eyespiece


A cardboard tube

A Bristol board sheet.

(tape, scissors, glue, pencil)



Stages 1-2
1 - On a cardboard tube rolling a sheet
2 - Make the overlay sheet of Bristol board 1cm, cut the rest.
build a keplers telescope 1.jpg
image 1 Kepler T.jpg
Stages 3-4
3 - Glue the overlapping parts of Bristol board.
4 - Taping
build a keplers telescope 2.jpg
image 9 Kepler T.jpg



Stage 5
5 - Separate the Bristol board rolled the cardboard tube. Place the tube end of the cardboard on the rest of the sheet index, draw a circle the diameter of the tube
build a keplers telescope 3.jpg
image 2 Kepler T.jpg



Stage 6
6- Cut the circle (you can make tabs on the side of the circle that will be used to better stick it on the tube)
build a keplers telescope 4.jpg
image 3 Kepler T.jpg



Stage 7
7- In the circle centre, draw and cut a circle about 14mm in diameter
build a keplers telescope 5.jpg
image 10 kepler T.jpg



Stage 8
8- Tape the small lens (eye) in the previously cut circle.
build a keplers telescope 6.jpg
image 4 Kepler T.jpg



Stage 9
9- Tape the disc at the end of the tube in Bristol board. WARNING: the lens must be inside the tube.
build a keplers telescope 7.jpg
image 5 Kepler T.jpg



Stage 10
10- Tape the large lens on the cardboard tube
build a keplers telescope 8.jpg
image 6 Kepler T.jpg



Stage 11
11- Slide the two tubes, observe, slide to the sharpness of the image. The telescope is ready.
build a keplers telescope 9.jpg
image 8 Kepler T.jpg

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