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The transit on June, 6 2012

by Pierre Causeret last modified Jul 12, 2012 03:34 PM
Contributors: Dalida Halfaoui, Charles-Henri Eyraud

On June 6, 2012 from the Earth we will see Venus pass in front of the Sun.

The planet Venus is represented seen from the Earth every 15 days between April, 22 and July, 21 2012.
Venus has been enlarged 500 times and the Sun 50 times so as to see the phases.

The times of the transit of Venus on June, 6 2012 in universal time from the centre of the Earh ( source IMCCE). Venus is here at the same scale as the sun.
1. 1st contact : June, 5 at 10.10 pm UT 2. 2nd contact : June, 5 at 10.27 pm UT
3. 3rd contact : June 6 at 4.32 am UT 4.. 4th contact : June 6 at 4.50 am UT

The times for a viewer on the Earth’s surface can vary of a few minutes in comparison with the geocentric times given above (less than six minutes) The beginning of the transit will take place shortly after 10 pm UT. It will be visible from North America and East Asia but not from Europe.

Conditions of visibility of the transit of Venus on June, 5 and 6 2012


IMCCE, Patrick Rocher

What will we see in Europe?

The beginning of the transit will be invisible. At sunrise, a small black stain will be visible on the Sun’s disc. The further we will go on the West of Europe, the shorter the observation time of the transit will be.

In Spain, the phenomenon will be almost invisible as the sun will rise after the end of the third contact.

In Portugal, it’s even worse, sunrise occurs after the fourth contact so we won’t see anything.

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